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How it works - New Logos and Makeovers

This case study is based on a logo makeover. If you order a new logo, the process is even simpler, just miss out step 3.

The easiest way to describe the process of logo creation, is with an example. Blue Cube Consultancy provides a consultancy service to the music industry. Their old logo had served them well, but often looked out of place along side those of their competitors. Logo Surgery made over their logo to give them a fresh, modern and competitive edge. What follows is an outline of the process.

Step 1

Charlie Stanford, founder of Blue Cube Consultancy, decided that he wanted to update his brand image. His first logo and stationery had been a considerable investment and he was slightly concerned that a logo redesign would cost him a similar amount of money again.

After looking on the Logo Surgery website Charlie downloaded the eBook mini guide to commissioning the perfect logo - Seven Steps to Logo Perfection.

This mini guide brought to his attention several important issues that he had never considered before about what makes an effective logo. Charlie decided to give logosurgery.com a try.

Step 2

Charlie ordered his logo through the website. He filled in the Creative Design Brief online, and then made his deposit payment using PayPal's secure server.

Step 3

Charlie sent his old logo to Logo Surgery by email to the address provided at the end of the payment proccess.

If you don't have an old logo to makeover, we miss this step out.

Blue Cube's old logo

Step 4

Logo Surgery quickly got to work using the detailed information from the Creative Design Brief to make four new versions of Charlie's old logo. We looked at the market place that Blue Cube Consultancy operated in using the information that Charlie had provided in his Creative Design Brief.

Charlie received his first round of designs four working days after we received his old logo.

Four alternative design routes

Step 5

Charlie picked his favourite of the four design routes and sent Logo Surgery feedback on what he would like to change.

We made the revision then sent the logo back to him for comments. (We will continue to revise your logo until it is just right*.) Charlie's reply on receiving the revised logo, was that he "loved it!".

Logo revision stage

*There are as many rounds of revision as is necessary to deliver the perfect logo, obviously if it looks as if the revision rounds could go on for ever, either side can decide to cancel the design process with not a penny owed and no hard feelings.

Step 6 - Logo perfection

Charlie paid for his new logo using PayPal's secure server, and Logo Surgery dispatched the new logo plus the unique colour palette and free logo usage guidelines, and a very happy Charlie began using his new logo right away.

Logo perfection!

How it works - I know what I want, and I can draw it!

Our sketch to logo service provides you with the opportunity to try out your drawing skills. If you have a clear idea of what you want your logo to look like, draw what you want, send it to us, and we will transform your sketch into a professionally designed logo supplied to you on CD. To find out more about how this works click here.

How it works - Logo recreation and repair

If you already have a logo, but there are problems when it prints, or it looks fuzzy on screen, you can email a copy of it to us for a no obligation quotation for a repair. We will accurately trace and redraw your logo to create a professional vector file that can be scaled to any size.

Your repaired logo is saved to a CD, and then sent directly to your door. For more information on how this works, please click here.

What now?

Download our eBook mini guide Seven Steps to Logo Perfection for more information on logos and commissioning logo design. Browse through our portfolio, or just go right ahead and commission a brand new logo.

We look forward to helping you create the right impression.


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