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Logo recreation and repairSend your logo for a check up

My logo is not feeling well

You may find yourself in a situation where you have an established brand and a great logo which you don't want to change, but there are problems with that logo.

It may be that the logo has only existed at a very small size, and when you come to enlarge it the quality deteriorates, or that the logo exists in an old file type that is incompatible with the desktop publishing applications you are trying to use.

It could be the case that your logo has been copied so many times that the colours and crispness of the original have seriously deteriorated, or it may just be that the artwork has been lost and needs recreation. Whatever the reason for wanting to repair or recreate your logo, Logo Surgery is here to help.

How we can help

If you have a copy of your deteriorated or damaged logo, email it to us for a no obligation quotation for a repair. We will accurately trace and redraw your logo to create a professional vector file that can be scaled to any size. Your repaired logo is saved to a CD, which is sent to your door. See what you get for details.

How it works:

You send us your damaged logo:

Damaged logo

We recreate it:

Repaired logo

Step 1

Send a copy of your logo by email to us for repair. Your logo probably exists either as a digital file or as a printed copy on paper. If your logo already exists as a digital file, please just attach it to your email, if your logo only exists in a printed format, please scan or take a digital photograph of your logo and then email it to us.

Step 2

Emailing your logo. Click the ‘email your logo’ button and attach your design to the email. Use the email message to add any other relevant information.

Step 3

Receive your quotation by email. Services start from £199.

If you decide to accept it you will be directed to pay online using a secure server hosted by PayPal.

Step 4

Receive an approval copy of your repaired or recreated logo by email.

Step 5

Your new logo is delivered to your door. See what you get for details.

Logo CD pack

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