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Things we loveThere's more to life than logos

There's more to life than logos, but not much more!

We love logos, and maybe we spend just a little too much time talking about them, collecting old packaging, and rummaging through jumble sales than is healthy, but that's what we like.

But just to show that we are not just logo geeks, we have collected a few great places that you might like to visit on the internet:

Learn piano online

Ever wanted to play the piano? We love these free online lessons.


The only bottled water worth drinking. Buy a bottle and give someone clean water for a month!

Children's book illustration

A gallery of beautiful 1920's Japanese children's book illustration.

Google Earth

If you haven't seen it before download it now, and wonder at our beautiful planet.

Desktop Blues

Got the blues? Turn up the speakers and express yourself!


How does this work?

We hope you enjoy this selection, please feel free to email us if you love this stuff too, or if you know of places we might like to visit.


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