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Logo CD RomWhat you get - a new logo delivered straight to your door!The CD Rom includes everything you need

Logo files and formats

Every possible file format is covered to get you, your design team, printer and online developer off to a creative flying start.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the files included:

Vector files

These files have been saved as "vector file formats". A vector file can be used at any size without loss of quality, because the file contains a mathematical description of the shape of the logo.

The file types supplied can be edited using professional image editing software.

It is recommended that vector files are used for all your professional printing needs.

Vector Files Supplied:
Adobe Illustrator .ai
EPS .eps
PDF .pdf

Suitable for:
Brochures and stationery
Print advertising
Vehicle liveries

Bitmap files

These files are made up from a series of very small coloured dots, a bit like the print in a newspaper photograph. These coloured dots are arranged in a grid to create a recognisable image - in this case a logo. The drawback with these files is that they can't always be used at very large sizes - but having said this, they are fine for small scale printing and for onscreen use.

Bitmap Files Supplied:

Photo Shop File Format .psd
Suitable for use in the popular graphics software Photo Shop

JPEG .jpg
PNG .png
Suitable for websites, onscreen graphics, and word processing i.e. for use with Microsoft Office

Your Unique Colour Palette

This palette is designed to provide you with a set of corporate colours that will perfectly complement your logo in all situations.

Colour Palette and Logo Usage Guidelines

Free Logo Usage and Implementation Guidelines

This is a generic guide full of essential information on how to use your logo. This information will tell you how to make the most of your new logo and how through careful implementation of these guidelines, you can start to make all your visual communication instantly recognisable as part of your brand.

The Logo Usage Guidelines contain expert advice on how to use your logo when designing your stationery and publications, and essential dos and don'ts that will help make certain your visual integrity is never compromised.

Both the Unique Colour Palette and Logo Usage and Implementation Guidelines are provided digitally on your CD.

What now?

Download our guide Seven Steps to Logo Perfection for more information on logos and commissioning logo design. Browse through our portfolio, or just go right ahead and commission a brand new logo.

We look forward to helping you create the right impression.


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